Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Guldagergaard Danish Ceramics Residency

Two weeks ago I returned from the small harbor town of Skælskør in Denmark after completing a six week residency at the International Ceramic Research Centre; Guldagergaard.

I had an amazing time  creating new work, meeting international ceramic artists and exploring both the local countryside and sights of Copenhagen.

I created a new body of work inspired by maps. I worked with very different clays; experimenting with low-fire coloured earthenware clays including a local brick clay in both red and yellow, terracotta and a black clay. I shared new processes and ideas with the other 8 ceramicists sharing the studio.

Here are some highlights of my time there:

The 2D Table... an important place set up in the library for me and fellow networker Elodie Alexandre http://elolala.wordpress.com/

 Here our ideas took shape in paper, collage and drawings before being developed into clay in the studio.

Each night two of us would cook for everyone... a shopping trip for 16 people.

The demo plate of traditional Danish Smørrebrød, introduced to us by Helene a Danish Ceramicist on the networkhttp://www.helenesoesschjoedts.dk/?page_id=110

The beautiful view of the fjord in Skælskør on an extended bike ride to the post office

A new process I explored; backpainting coloured slip onto a plaster bat before rolling in clay, sometimes the bits left over are as beautiful as the result

Build your own Lego man in the Lego shop in Copenhagen, the possibilities are endless.
Sailor trousers, Check. Scuber diving helmet, Check. Banana, Check.

The view of the farm house we stayed in, through the sculpture park where it was located.

Working through ideas with drawings, maquets and unfired pieces

Working away in my (unusually clean) studio space

Posed Pondering over one of my collaged maps

The ice has melted, only 2 weeks ago this was complelety frozen (see earlier blog posts for evidence!)

The huge bridge at Korsor linking the Danish Islands Zealand and Funen, we were given a tour by Helene's inlaws after being invited over for lunch and taken to a flee market

A natural wonder... this strange ice forms were re-imagined as a mountain in my finished pieces

Tiny mountain tests

An array of test tile islands

The vast expanse of fields that formed a lasting impression of Denmark in my mind and featured in my completed ceramic map

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