Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Upcoming work at Secret Garden Party

I have been invited to create an installation for this year's Secret Garden Party Festival.

Inspired by my previous Eppaulettes for Army Pets project, and fitting this years theme 'Standing on Ceremony' my installation will celebrate the curious tradition of animal military mascots.

The installation will take the form of 5 commemorative ceramic plates, hung amongst trees in the forest. Each plate will commemorate a real animal army mascot.

An interactive element is added by oversized military badges describing bizarre but true facts about the animals. For example: William Winsor, the goat, ‘receives a ration of 2 cigarettes a day’ while Sir Nils Olav, a penguin ‘was knighted in 2005’. These badges can awarded to the military mascots by participants who can hang them under the commemorative plate of the animal which they think that fact applies to

Here is a sneak preview:

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