Monday, 20 February 2012

Day 4

Today was a relatively productive studio day. I made my mountain! Just a fairly quick test, as im used to moulding rather than modelling straight from clay. I think it translated my drawing quite nicely. 

Also had a plaster demo from Richard who seems like a bit of a plaster pro, excited to use a template on the whirler. After lunch Jess showed me the local second hand store... Complete with budgies in cages and run by an old couple, it's huge. Definitely somewhere I could get carried away, but I was very restrained and only bought a 78 for my gramophone at home, I have no idea what it is so that'll be a good surprise for when I get back. For dinner Roberta made the hugest (authentically italian) tirimasu I have ever seen and it was bloody delicious! Finished the day in the studio and with a chat with my friends Megan, Carly and Harry on skype.

 The Tirimasu!

Some more tests that went in the kiln today.

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