Sunday, 19 February 2012

Arriving in Denmark

Arrival in the plane to Denmark was exactly what I was hoping for... The view from the plane featured islands of ice in the sea, with lumps of snow floating around, curving rows of off shore wind mills and perfectly set out houses in neat rows.

Understanding the train timetable was a little harder than I hoped, but made it onto the right one in the end. Highlight of the journey was seeing two 7 year old Danish rude boys drinking cans of monster at the station. Snow and yellow houses with red roofs boxes have also been ticked!

I've now been here a grabs total of 7 hours, made it after a pretty uneventful bus journey, the bus was waiting for me as I got of the train and I still got off at the right stop despite drifting off.

I then trudge up the road round the corner and up the road again, dragging my suitcase behind me until I found Guldagergaard, the way shown by an official looking road sign. On arrival I peered in through the windows until I came across Paul one of the current assistants here, who showed me the house, which is huge, beautiful and very cosy then took me back to the studio where I met 'the boss'; Richard. Richard has suitably Scandinavian; arty thick rimmed round glasses which he wore on top of his head the whole time I was with him, and comb-backed silvery yellow hair.

After being shown my room, I took a seat at the large table in the kitchen and it was here I stayed for most if the rest if the night, i met Jessika and Miriam, the other 2 assistance and we sat and chatted while Jess and Paul prepared dinner (two people cook for everyone each night). Other people arrived in dribs and drabs throughout the evening, mostly entering with bemused faces through various doors into the house. Organisation us definitely not commonplace here and noone really new what was going on, but luckily Paul, Jess and Miriam were there to look after everyone.

I managed to stay up until the grand time of 9.30pm, by then 8 of us had arrived, with Helene the final project network-er getting here after my bedtime. There's 15 of us in the house in total; 3 guest artists, 3 assistants and 9 project networkers consisting of; 1 French, 1 Lithuainian, 1 Japanese, 2 Danes, 1 Israeli, 6 Brits, 2 Americans and 1 Finish.

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