Wednesday, 19 January 2011

What I'm doing now...

So far 2011 has been good and exciting for me, here's 3 reasons why:

1) I'm currently working on a commission for photographer Bran Symondson, making 100 press moulded opium poppy heads for his upcoming exhibition at Idea Generation Gallery.

I've been working in Manifold Studio, a beautiful studio under the arches of the East London line in Hoxton founded and built by a group of 9 recent graduates from the Royal College of Arts Ceramics and Glass MA. Im keeping Hanne Mannheimer's space warm while she's away on a residency in Denmark.

I've been pressing on (literally) for the past 2 weeks, my current poppy total stands at 52, but the first batch of 60 is going in the kiln on Saturday.

The unfired poppies - with score marks filled with oxide; the real poppies have these scores where they have been scratched to release the opium sap.

The space where I've been working.

One of Bran's photographs, currently exhibited at Idea Generation Gallery.

2) I've started my Saturday job at Camden Arts Centre assisting the Artist Alan Stott with the Ceramics Techniques for Juniors class.

We are making a dream feast with the children who are 7-9 years old. I think we'll have an imaginative and exciting spread at the end of the 10 week project. This week we were making surreal candelabras for the table.

My favourite was a little boy's; a detailed 3d clay illustration of a man in a pointy hat tied to the candelabra's main stand with super chunky ropes ready to be executed!

3)Third and definitely not least... im getting a studio!

I will be sharing with Martha Todd, another RCA graduate from last year. Her studio is 5 minutes from my house, just before Queenstown Road Train Station and i'll be sharing it with her from March, hopefully working in there 3 days a week.

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