Wednesday, 19 January 2011

China - Thailand - Malaysia – Singapore

My time at the V&A was cut short but for a very good reason! On the 2nd of August I got on a plan to Beijing, the first of a number of long journeys, travelling across China and then south east Asia.

I met my boyfriend Tom who had been living in China for the past year and from Beijing we took a 42 hour train to West China, an experience in itself. From here we flew further West to Kashgar before busing and training our way across the desert back east, calling at Turpan; Dunghang, where we spent a night in the Gobi desert, Xi’an, home of the slightly disappointing terracotta warriors; Yangshuo and finally Guangzhou, where I had my first experience of a waterpark, but not a lot else. From here we flew to Bangkok, then travelled to Kho Tao island then got the train to Malaysia and the boat to the Perinthian islands. I saw some of the most beautiful sights, ate some amazing and horrible food, travelled on far and wide on numerous modes of transport and did lodes of amazing things i'd never done before like snorkelling, meeting an otter and swimming in a river.

For a much more detailed description of every day of our travels and lots of pictures read my China blog at

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