Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Top 5 Garden Pests in New Exhibition

The plates are finally out of the kiln and have completed a safe journey of 305 miles to Kestle Barton Gallery in Cornwall where they'll be part of the 'In Abbundance' exhibition from 2nd July - 29th August.

So if your in the area, pop in and see them, i'll be making a visit at the end of the exhibition while im camping in Cornwall later this summer.

Otherwise here they are.....

Garden Pest no.1 Viburnum Beetle
'Reduces foliage to lacework'

Garden Pest no.2 Slugs and Snails
When they crawl over copper their slime creates a toxic reaction which shocks the snail; 'Snails detest copper'

Garden Pest = no.3 Cushion Scale
A defoliating bug which excretes honey-dew producing a thick black sooty mould on leaves

Garden Pest = no.3 Chafer Grubs
Grubs hatch in soil of lawns which attract larger animals such as foxes, crows and badgers who dig up lawns to feast on the grubs

Garden Pest no.5 Harlequin Ladybird
Larger East Asian species, thought to be killing of native species
'Tent to overwinter indoors, making a nuisance of themselves'

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