Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Poppies for Bran Symondson

So I finally finished making the poppies about 2 weeks ago and delivered the final 40 to the gallery last week.

I got to see the poppies alongside Bran's (amazing) photographs when I went to his private view on Thursday 27th January.

The gallery was really busy and it was great to see all the work and read the captions. Bran's uncle did a lovely speech. I didn't realise that Bran took the photos while he was serving in Afghanistan, I assumed he'd gone back out there to take them. I also found out that the Ministry of Defense tried to shut down the exhibition 2 years ago.

Apparently the poppies had a good response, as did the mini one I made for Bran's lapel. I was really happy with the finished pieces, as I hope he was too.

The images really are beautiful so go and check them out at Idea Generation gallery if you get chance.

Here are some photos of the finished poppies and them in the gallery.

Check out some photo's of the private view, including a loverly one of the back of my head and Tom looking really interested in what im saying at the gallery's flikr page...

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